Jovi Broadus

JoviB · April 30, 2018 · · 0 comments

I am collaborative.  Brooklyn born & bred inspired by my desire to live in my authenticity.

While traveling through Africa, I was inspired to refocus my career on international development and create a fostering a platform to facilitate a supply chain that would open fair-trade African artisans, designers, manufacturers, freight forwarders, customs brokers… etc. to global fashion sourcing and procurement opportunities.

Did I mention I have 10+ years’ experience in the New York City fashion & lifestyle marketing industry? A Fashion Institute of Technology graduate with degrees in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, as well as Merchandising. Or that, as of February 2018, I became the New York City Fair-Trade Coalition, Business Member, Chairwoman. Where I advocate for fair-trade business and practices throughout NYC’s Fair-trade fashion community.

The African Alibaba… that’s the easiest way to explain it. Asia and Europe have dominated the supply chain and now it’s time to bring African manufacturing and artisans to the forefront. My platform will centralize African commercialism – unifying vendors and centralizing the supply chain.


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