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Promoting African Products

JoviB · September 28, 2017 · Fashion, LifeStyle · 0 comments

The African fabric and ornaments with African origin should be a form of trade mark and some sort of identification for every black American who truly accepts their African descent.

Black Americans who believe in the Pan-African mindset do agree that they have a role to play in making Africa great, and the one of the ways to do this is to invest in home made goods, buy African products.  If African fair trade products are heavily invested on, funds will be channeled into Africa, and development of the continent becomes more rapid.

A developed Africa is an Africa that every black American and blacks all over the world will want to identify with.  It is therefore imperative for every believer of the Pan-African mentality to be truly Pro-Africa.

According to R. Raphel, being anti-Africa when you are black is completely impossible. The following are ways by which one can support and contribute to Africa’s greatness:

  • By supporting businesses owned by blacks.
  • By buying home goods produced by Africans, and supporting African  writers, poets, artists, entertainers etc.
  • By offering voluntary services that will help the lives of black youths.
  • Making sure the media doesn’t portray blacks in a negative or false manner.
  • Preaching the positive word about Africa. This entails telling people about the rich natural contents of African Products.
  • By supporting and participating in black travel fairs.
  • By sourcing and distributing African products to make them as popular as their non-African counterparts.

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