Vision Statement
Fashion Ave & Brooklyn imports handcrafted African home decor, and create luxury beauty products and digital lifestyle content for the dope, black millennial who wants to live an upscale life inspired by our roots.
Fashion Ave & Brooklyn travel, search, discover and partner with budding African artisans and fair –trade cooperatives to bring you only the best of high-quality African made luxury goods. FA&B offers only high-quality and unique items made in Africa.
We specialize in importing, marketing and distribution of high quality and specially handcrafted African sourced luxury home decor products and digital content for the dope Black Americans.
Our Founder
fashion ave and brooklyn
Jovi has over ten years of experience in digital marketing and communications in the fashion and lifestyle industries. A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology with degrees in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, as well as Retail Merchandising.The establishment of FA&B was inspired by Jovi’s love for African and Caribbean traveling, home decor and her love for aesthetics.
In one of her African adventures, Jovi found out that it was difficult to purchase and transport larger home décor items and import them from different African nations to the United States. Then when she got back to the states, she realized that there weren’t any black-owned importers and distributors she could find for those items… Because of this, Jovi decided to use her expertise to fill this gap and reach a market that is important to her; her own market.
  •    Digital Media
  •    Extensive African Travel
  •    Based in Brooklyn, NY
  •    Importing and Procurement
  •    Black Owned Business
  •    E-Commerce
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